Cincoze Panel PC and Touch Monitors meet all the requirements of industrial applications


Panel PCs and touch monitors are devices increasingly used in industrial applications, where they mainly play the role of human-machine interface (HMI) on board automation systems, kiosks, medical devices, vending machines and many other types of machinery. Cincoze, a global manufacturer of embedded computing platforms, has developed a series of products that allow to operate more reliably and efficiently than traditional solutions available on the market.

Cincoze Panel PCs and Monitors are based on the patented CDS (Convertible Display System) technology, a revolutionary system that combines interchangeable processing modules with industrial LCD displays to create highly modular Panel PCs and monitors. Users can select the desired processing module and match it to any of the available display sizes to create the ideal processing platform and allow for easy system maintenance, upgrades or replacement of individual components as needed.


Designed according to criteria of reliability and stability, Cincoze Panel PCs and Monitors are characterized by an aluminum front panel with IP65 protection, high operating temperatures and many other industrial level protections to be suitable in harsh environments. The entire range is available with standard brightness or sunlight readable display and resistive or projected capacitive touchscreen. The I/O interface set is particularly rich and includes RS-232/422/485, USB, isolated digital I/O, multiple Ethernet and Power-over-Ethernet ports and many other features including Power Ignition, used for in-vehicle applications. The highly modular design also allows to offer additional features upon specific customer request.

Cincoze modular Panel PCs are available starting from low power CPU architectures such as Intel Atom and Pentium up to high performance Intel Core i5 solutions. The display range is based on TFT-LCD panels with sizes ranging from 8.4 "up to 24".

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