Single-board Computers

Single-Board-Computers (SBC) are compact CPU boards offering all the main PC-type interfaces directly on board. Our SBC range is composed by highly compact form factors like 2.5", PICO-ITX, PC/104 and 3.5" up to the wider form factors like EPIC and 5.25"

Single board computers for industrial and embedded applications

we have over 30 years of experience in the distribution of industrial single board computers targeting OEMs and system integrators that need a robust, stable and reliable PC-based solution. Our range of SBCs for Linux and Windows is accompanied by an extensive technical support and complete BSPs (board support package) that provide all the necessary drivers for the development of your application.

Stability and reliability of our embedded boards

Our embedded boards enjoy an extended life cycle, essential for industrial customers. Our portfolio of single board computers is composed by solutions with guaranteed availability of up to 15 years, a necessary feature for industrial customers who intend to integrate a CPU board into their machinery or application.


Hardware, software e firmware customization for single board computer

We support the customer throughout the life cycle of its embedded project by offering a high level consultancy service. Our clients can benefit from customized solutions in terms of hardware, software and firmware. Thanks to a close collaborations with our partners we can modify and depopulate specific components, offer custom images for embedded operating systems and customized BIOS according to any specific customer need.