About Us



History and Innovation

Founded in 1978, Contradata is today one of the leading Italian companies in the distribution of electronics with a leading position in the industrial PC and embedded solutions segment. The product range, accompanied by extensive pre and post-sale consultancy, is aimed at the most demanding sectors by integrating product distribution with a wide range of value-added services, right up to the supply of fully customized solutions. Distribution partnerships with leading global manufacturers in the IPC and the Embedded fields mean the market can be entered with competitive stable and reliable solutions.
With over 40 years of market presence, Contradata has introduced products and technologies into Italy that have become the real reference points in the industrial market. Founded in 1978 as a distributor of industrial peripherals, after 1986 the company made a clear shift towards industrial PCs and embedded applications market. This focus has contributed to increasing our know-how in the world of PC-based control and supervision. The pioneering instinct has allowed us to be the first to introduce successful standards and solutions into Italy. 


Team and Competences

Being a technology partner of our clients has always been our company mission.  In an increasingly complex and evolving technological world, companies are looking for partners capable of providing high-level technical support, both at the design-in phase and during the management of the entire project development cycle. Contradata customers can benefit from standard or customized hardware, software and firmware solutions. Thanks to the high specialization in the industrial computing sector and the know-how aquired in over 40 years of market presence, the company became a strategic supplier of some of the main italian manufacturing companies operating on a global level.
Contradata's team is composed of high-level sales people and technicians who do their job with professionalism and passion. Customers benefit from professional service, starting from the identification of the appropriate product, and going through the management of the entire project life cycle. Technical support covers hardware, software and firmware areas, including the supply of BIOS solutions and embedded operating systems to client specifications.