Windows XP Pro & XP Embedded

Over 15 years of industrial applications based on Windows XP Pro and Windows XP Embedded

The Support for Windows XP Pro and Windows XP Embedded operating systems officially ended by Microsoft in 2014 and 2016 respectively. As with Windows 7, the base of field-installed machinery running Windows XP is quite substantial. With a 17-year life cycle, Windows XP has been one of the longest-running operating systems on the computer market. Like for Windows 7, it is still possible to install and activate Windows XP bearing in mind the security limits.


Hardware support for Windows XP and Windows XP Embedded

Intel has stopped releasing drivers for Windows XP starting from the processor families following the third generation Intel Core for the high-end sector (Ivy Bridge), and the Intel Atom N2600 / D2550 / N2800 family (Cedar Trail) for the low power / small processor market. Hardware support for XP is therefore limited to older Intel architectures still available on the market. Thanks to our partnership with ICOP Technology, which offers proprietary x86 solutions based on DM&P Vortex86 processors, we are still able to offer hardware solutions with support for Windows XP and Windows XP Embedded. For more information please contact our sales service.