Industrial PC

Contradata system family is composed by industrial PC for 19" rackmount applications and compact fanless embedded box PC. All models can be configured according to customers' specific needs. We can provide fully taylorized industrial PC, including BIOS customizations.


Industrial PC experts

Our range of industrial computers is based on the experience of over 40 years of activity in the specific sector. We target OEMs and system integrators requiring reliable industrial computer solutions to be integrated on board their machinery and devices.


Industrial PC for harsh environments

Each industrial PC distributed by us has passed strict qualification criteria and has been developed to operate in 24/7 mode (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and in harsh environments, characterized by temperature changes, shocks, vibrations, electromagnetic interferences, electrostatic discharge and power surges etc.


Cost of an industrial PC

Industrial computer prices cannot be compared to consumer solutions. An industrial grade computer is developed starting from a bill of material of components exclusively industrial and following rugged design criteria that take in consideration the different use conditions from consumer grade solutions. The prices of industrial computers, although higher than those of consumer PCs, are more competitive, thanks to lower ownership costs during the entire cycle of use.


Industrial PC production

Each system is assembled and tested within our EPA (electronic protected area) in compliance with the standards and regulations for electronic production. We integrate operating systems and other types of software upon specific customer request.