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COM-HPC is a new industry open standard for Computer on Modules. The COM-HPC standard is oriented to high performance edge applications and is regulated by the PICMG consortium which issues its application guides. PCI Express Gen5 support up to 65 lines and Ethernet connectivity up to 8x 25+ GbE are some of the key features of the COM-HPC standard. Being oriented to edge and server applications, the standard includes two families of modules: COM-HPC/Server and COM-HPC/Client.


COM-HPC/Server COM-HPC/Client
  • Up to 65 PCI Express Gen 5 Lanes
  • Up to 8x 25 Gb Ethernet
  • Up to 2x USB 4
  • Headless
  • Size D: 160x160 mm
  • Size E: 160x200 mm

  • Up to 49 PCI Express Gen5 Lanes
  • Up to 2x 25 Gb Ethernet
  • Up to 4x USB 4
  • Up to 4x Video Interfaces
  • Size A: 95x120 mm
  • Size B: 120x120 mm
  • Size C: 120x160 mm

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COM-HPC Client module with 11th gen. Intel Core processors (Tiger Lake)