Distribution and Support

Manufacturing and System Integration

Contradata represents and is the Italian distributor for the leading brands in the industrial PC and embedded solutions fields, combining extensive technical support covering hardware, software and firmware. Customers support starts from the decision-making process and continues through the entire product life cycle. The products that are distributed are subjected to a strict series of incoming and outgoing checks.
Contradata is an ISO-9001 certified company and realizes within an EPA area (Electronic Protected Area) a production of industrial PCs customized to the specific needs of the customer. Alongside the assembly and integration processes of electronic boards and systems, the company carries out test and certification procedures that are defined in agreement with the customer, based on the required specifications and the sector of application.

Embedded Operating Systems

Original Design Manufacturing

Contradata offers a customized service for operating systems from the Windows Embedded family or the Linux type for all the products it distributes. The client can choose between generic images, ready for each board and system, or fully customized images so as to reduce system requirements to a minimum according to the application, providing light and stable configurations which favor the use of solid-state, strong and reliable architecture.
Thanks to a network of international and local partners, Contradata is able to satisfy the specific needs of custom projects which include the development of dedicated electronics, carrier boards for computer-on-modules on specification, and full custom solutions. Contradata operates together with certified partners for the production of equipment for critical areas, such as medical and avionics, and is able to provide complete support starting from the design, through the prototyping stages and up to mass production.