Cincoze Embedded Systems: the best solution for industrial applications


After Five years from the launch of Cincoze embedded systems on the Italian market, the sales results are exciting. Many OEMs and system integrators have in fact chosen to integrate Cincoze embedded systems on board their machines, not only in the industrial automation sector but also in medical and vehicular applications such as those in the railway sector and the urban public transport system.


Cincoze was in fact able to convert the word "rugged" into real product specifications, able to overcome the challenges of heavy industrial environments and offering its customers great flexibility for product customization. Below we will analyze some of the winning points of Cincoze embedded systems.


Moving mechanical parts are the first source of failure on an Embedded PC system. Compared to traditional systems with active cooling, Cincoze fanless computers offer exceptional sustainability and durability in dusty and dirty environments. The use of internal cables for the external carry-over of I/O interfaces can also generate signal degradation and latency. For this reason Cincoze systems are based on a completely cable-less design in which all the connectors are welded and face out directly from the motherboard. Even the integration of peripherals such as HDD or SSD does not require cables. Another advantage of Cincoze embedded systems is the "jumperless" approach that allows settings to be made without the use of jumpers, thus ensuring greater resistance to shock and vibration.

unibody-extended temperature-rugged

The "unibody" design of the chassis guarantees maximum impact resistance and favors a greater and uniform heat dissipation avoiding the generation of the so-called "hot spots". This aspect, together with the use of a selected and exclusively industrial BoM (Bill of Materials), allows to offer systems capable of operating in extreme environments, characterized by high operating temperatures of up to -40 ° + 70 ° C. This type of approach also allows to take advantage of 100% of the processor performances by avoiding "CPU Thermal Throttling" problems (automatic lowering of the processor clock based on the temperature). Another challenge in the use of embedded systems concerns the deploy in environments characterized by shocks and vibrations. The Cincoze approach offers solutions that can operate at vibration levels of up to 5 Grms and shocks of up to 50 Grms.

Product lines at a glance


DX Series (extreme performance & compact size)
Intel® Core™ & Xeon®
Modular Design & I/O richness
E-Mark / EN50155 / EN50121-3-2 certified


DS Series (high performance & expandable)
Intel® Core™
PCI / PCI Express expansion slots available
E-Mark / EN50115 / EN50121-3-2 certified


DI Series (high performance & compact size)
Onboard mobile Intel® Core™ U
High performance and compactness
E-Mark / EN50115 / EN50121-3-2 certified


DE Series (power efficient & expandable)
Intel® Atom®
PCI / PCI Express expansion slots available
EN50155 / EN50121-3-2 certified


DC Series (power efficient & compact size)
Intel® Atom® | Pentium®
I/O richness and expandability
E-Mark certified


DA Series (power efficient & palm size)
Intel® Atom® | Celeron® | Pentium®
Cost Effective, for entry-level applications
Ultra compact (150 x 105 x 52.3 mm)