Operating Systems & Software Services

We offer a wide range of software services and customization of embedded operating systems for all the systems produced and distributed by us. We believe in the strength of being a highly specialized distributor, able to provide its customers a series of advantages, allowing them to save resources to be dedicated to the core activities. Our technical laboratory is able to offer a range of services both for board-level products such as single-board-computers and embedded modules and for system level products. We are also able to help companies in maintaining in use platforms based on obsolete operating systems such as Windows 7 embedded, XP embedded, 98, Vista, 8 and DOS, still fully supported by Contradata. The range of our services is mainly divided into the following areas of activity:


  • Embedded operating systems (Windows 10 IoT and earlier)
  • Custom BIOS development
  • Monitoring, back-up and recovery tools
  • Pre-loading of the customer application software