Industrial Switches

Korenix JetNet series is composed by managed and unmanaged industrial ethernet switches up to 28 ports and represents an important part of our industrial ethernet products. Gigabit and fiber versions available. Layer 2 and Layer 3 support and advanced redundancy features. DIN rail mount and 19" rackmount solutions.

Managed and unmanaged ethernet switch for industrial applications

Our range of industrial ethernet switches covers every application need, from the small 5-port unmanaged switch to the 28-port managed switch for 19" rack mounting. The range includes gigabit switches and fast ethernet switches with high density of ports, with redundant options supporting the main standard protocols as well as the proprietary Korenix protocols that guarantee recovery times among the fastest in the world (5ms recovery / 0ms restoration).

The advantages of using an industrial ethernet switch

All our ethernet switches have been specifically developed for industrial applications where reliability is a must. Our industrial switches offer reliability in environments with operating temperatures of up to -40° +75° C, resistance to shocks, vibrations and corrosive elements. Most of our ethernet switches also have redundant dual power input with an output relay for alarms. Rugged switches with M12 connectors are also available within the range of switches for applications in extremely harsh environments; the range includes automotive ethernet switches and ethernet switches for railway applications.

Switch with optical fiber

To cover long distance communications our ethernet switches offer optional fiber ports. Our fiber switches are available with single mode and multi mode fiber type in order to cover any application need. Starting from 9-port switches the fiber connectivity is offered by SFP ports which allow more flexibility thanks to the use of pluggable SFP fiber transceivers.


DIN Rail and 19" rackmount ethernet switches

Our product range includes ethernet switches with high port density. Our DIN rail ethernet switches offer up to 20 ports while our 19" rack mount switches arrive up to 28 ports with 10 GbE fiber connectivity


Layer 3 and Layer 2 switches

Our range of solutions includes both layer 3 switches and layer 2 switches. The main difference lies in the routing capabilities of the switch itself. Layer 2 switches operate at MAC Address level while layer 3 switches operate at IP level with routing capability. The product portfolio also includes compact layer 3 switches for DIN rail mounting.