Rackmount & Wallmount PC

19" rackmount industrial PC and wallmount compact chassis to be configured on customers specific needs. Built with passive backplanes up to 20 expansion slots or with industrial motherboard up to 6 expansion slots. Wide range of CPU cards, from the low power Intel® Atom up the the high performance Intel® Core i3/i5/i7 family. RAID configurations and redund power supply on request

Every single rack or wallmount PC has to be configured according to the specific customer needs and assembled within our EPA (Electronic Protected Area). Contact us for personalized configurations.

30 years of experience with rackmount PCs

We were one of the first companies in Italy to distribute and produce rackmount PCs for industrial applications. Even today, the rackmount PC segment represents a substantial part of our offer of systems for industrial applications. The typical structure of a 19" rackmount PC allows in fact to create complex configurations, which require many expansion slots, maintaining a high level of modularity, thanks to the use of industrial open standards such as PICMG slot boards with passive backplane The consolidated use of rack cabinets has further contributed to the success of rackmount PCs which are still the best solution today for industrial applications that require high expandability.

Customer-specific rackmount PCs

Our technical and commercial team offers an efficient service to configure and realize rackmount computers. Our 19" rackmount systems are built according to specific customer needs and integrated within our EPA area. Each rack computer we manufacture undergoes severe burn-in-test procedures that can be further customized on request.

Rackmount computers with any kind of architecture

Thanks to an extremely complete range of rackmount chassis we can create configurations based on slot boards or industrial motherboards. All our rackmount PCs have been developed specifically for the industrial environment in which it is necessary to operate in 24/7 mode.