Touch Panel PC

Touch panel PC for industrial applications. Panel mount, wall mount, rackmount and desktop applications. LCD displays from 4.3" to 21". Available with IP64 and IP65 front panel protection or IP65 / IP67 full protection. Wide range of x86 processors. Many fanless versions available.

What is a Touch Panel PC ?

A Panel PC is an all-in-one industrial PC with touch screen in which the monitor is integrated with the PC in a unique and compact device. Lots of industrial machinery and not only use a Panel PC as a human machine interface to control and visualize the whole system using the touch screen interface. Nowadays there are many types of Panel PCs that vary according to the size, the robustness and the type of mounting and installation. The mounting type for example is an important choice criterion as a Panel PC can be suitable for DIN rail, 19" rack, wall, panel and VESA mounting.


What characterizes an industrial Panel PC ?

An all-in-one computer is similar in concept to an industrial touch panel PC even if the use conditions and the functions differ a lot. The first one is a device intended for office or consumer applications and is usually placed on a desk in a controlled environment. Industrial touch panels PC are instead integrated on board industrial machinery and therefore have very different characteristics from all-in-one consumer PCs. Firstly, an industrial touch panel PC offers a level of robustness suitable for industrial applications. The operating temperature range, the IP protection, and the resistance to shock and vibrations make a big difference. An industrial Panel PC always offers a certain level of protection from water and dust. For example a Panel PC with IP65 front panel is totally protected from dust and from water jets of up to 10 liters per minute. This is a feature that allows to use the device also in dirty environments such as a factory and to clean it from the accumulation of dirt. Beside robustness characteristics, industrial touch panel PCs enjoy an extended life cycle that allows the user to be able to integrate and certify it on board is own machinery without experiencing constant product changes and modifications. Our Touch Panels enjoy a life cycle that goes from a minimum of 5 years, up to 10 years of guaranteed availability.


Our range of industrial Touch Panel PCs

We are a reference in Ital with a wide and diversified range of Touch Panel PCs that we offer thanks to our extensive network of partners. Our Panel PCs range from small 4.3" displays up to 24" screens. The range includes solutions based on low power CPUs like Intel Atom, Celeron and Pentium up to Intel Core i3, i5, i7 Panel PCs. For any model is possible to choose between projected capacitive or resistive touch screen according to the application and the customer needs.


Panel PC Customization

Each Panel PC can be customized according to specific customer needs. Within our production area we carry our BIOS and OS customizations and we can define ad-hoc configurations for the customer by integrating I/Os, memory devices and other peripherals on request. Also testing procedures can be personalized according to the customer specific needs.