Industrial Automation

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Contradata has more than 40 years of experience in the industrial automation sector, with a solid reputation and a large client base in the areas of industrial control and supervision. This sector has always needed solutions characterized by a long lifecycle and the capacity to operate in harsh environments. Typical applications are mainly in the areas of machine tools, machine vision systems, industrial robots, supervision and control systems. The product range is complete and is composed of boards, industrial PCs, embedded systems, panel PCs and industrial Ethernet products.
The products for the transportation sector are mainly applicable in the railway, urban transportation and automotive sectors. Common topics in these markets mainly involve the reliability and stability of the product, and the applications are focused on the control, supervision and signaling areas as well as in-vehicle infotainment applications. The product range consists of "board level" products with up to 15 years availability as well as systems certified according to EN-50155 and E-Mark regulations. 



The security market is continuously growing. In public areas, there is growing demand for complex and intelligent video surveillance systems, both analogue and digital. In particular, digital video surveillance systems, mainly based on the IP standard, require network solutions which are able to ensure efficient, uninterrupted distribution of digital data. There is a wide product range for this market, including industrial PCs, Embedded PCs, Ethernet switches and industrial Power-over-Ethernet switches.
The product range for the medical sector is divided into two levels, on the one hand applications like infotainment applications in a hospital environment and on the other the production of medical devices. Based on this characterization the product range is composed of medical certified systems such as Panel PCs and Tablets and "board level" products with x86 or ARM architecture. Contradata also works in partnership with companies which are certified for medical production in providing solutions based on customized electronics, such as carrier-boards for COM Express, Qseven and SMARC modules.


Test & Measurement

The growth of ethernet technology has created new demands in the telecommunications market, which is moving towards increasingly interconnected systems and architectures. The product range for this sector is mainly composed of high-performance industrial systems and products for the management of advanced network infrastructures that require excellent reliability and redundancy protocols.
Boards and systems distributed by Contradata are used by some of the most important manufacturers worldwide in the field of test systems for the industrial and the automotive markets. The product range includes boards, industrial PCs, embedded systems e data acquisition products.


Digital Signage

The growing need for alternative energy sources has created new markets and applications. The world of Smart Metering and Smart Grid applications has promoted the development of architectures for the control, monitoring and inter-connection of networks to new energy sources. The products aimed at this market include boards, industrial systems and Ethernet products.
Digital advertising has experienced vertical growth in the last few years. Digital signage systems are deployed in a very large number of sites, such as public spaces like airports, railway stations, post offices and private environments like banks, shops and hotel chains, etc. 

Machine Vision 

Military and Defence

Machine Vision has exploded over the last 20 years thanks to advances in image analysis processes. A vision system generally includes different types of components, from the sensor to the processing system. Contradata is a supplier of some of the most important manufacturers of machine vision system thanks to its high-performance board-level and system-level solutions and to the line of embedded systems with integrated GPU in fanless architecture.
The military market is by far the most severe in relation to the robustness, stability and reliability of products. Contradata's offer for the military market is mainly oriented to board-level solutions such as Computer-on-Module and Single-Board-Computers with extended temperature range -40 ° + 85 ° C. Conformal coating services are also available for the most difficult environments and applications