Contradata is an UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified company

ISO-9001 certificate contradata

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The core business of Contradata concerns the sale and production of electronic equipment, professional equipment, special materials and related software, intended for manufacturing and user companies in the public, private, civil, military and medical sectors.


CONTRADATA, sets as priority objectives the complete satisfaction of the customer and the growth of its visibility and position on the market. To achieve these objectives, the General Management, through the quality policy, intends to promote and enforce rigorously the principles established in the quality management system according to the ISO 9001: 2015 scheme and, through the direct involvement of all personnel , implement continuous improvement.


 The company strategy aims to:


  • identifying the needs and expectations of the client in order to be able to better satisfy them
  • to link the image of CONTRADATA to high quality standards
  • comply with all applicable mandatory laws
  • monitor and continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system, the quality level of its products / services and business processes
  • optimize internal resources, in order to avoid errors, delays and inefficiencies
  • ensuring compliance in the workplace with the mandatory legislation in terms of safety
  • improve internal and external communication
  • involve and sensitize personnel to culture and quality management


According to the mentioned strategies, the General Management is committed to:


  • annually maintain the quality policy: review it to ascertain its continued suitability and update it in line with corporate objectives and strategies
  • to ensure that the quality policy is widespread, understood and implemented at all levels and becomes an integral part of the corporate culture
  • implement the contents of the documents of the company quality management system
  • periodically checking the effectiveness of the quality management system, promoting improvement actions aimed at increasing the level of customer satisfaction.



The General Management intends to monitor, as well as support, the achievement of the set objectives.

Monza, General Management