Cincoze CV-117/P1001 Enhanced Productivity for Stone Processing Machine

An important customer of Cincoze in Europe is a leading manufacturer of machinery and builds machines for processing stone, glass, composite materials, plastic, aluminum and other metals used for building or architecture. To adapt to respective requirements and monitor conditions during production while considering different materials with different quality grade settings, the manufacturer decided to adopt PC-based platforms as the computing and control consoles. They chose Cincoze CV-117/P1001 industrial panel PC as the control interface and integrate into the stone and marble processing machine.

This stone processing machine was equipped with a reliable industrial panel PC to run its visualization software and control machining tools. Due to the working environment in the factory or machine shops is humid and dusty, the panel PC should be resistant to water and various substances. Besides, the panel PC was required to be easy to integrate, maintain and upgrade.

The field operator sometimes wears latex gloves during the production process to change machining tools and operate the stone processing machine. Thus the resistive type touch screen was required. In addition, the panel PC should be resistant to severe shocks and vibrations to ensure the operation stability while the cutting the stone.


Why Cincoze?

Innovative Modular Design: thanks to the CDS (Convertible Display System) technology, the modular plug-and-play design allows assembling by PC system module and display module. Users can easily replace the system module or display module on site, which reduces downtime and maintenance costs. It also protects corporate’s investment for future upgradability.

Resistive Touchscreen & IP65 Front Panel: the CV-117/P1001 adopts resistive touch screen which allows operating the panel PC even with wearing latex gloves. Under the protection of P65 rated front bezel, the CV-117/P1001 is resistant to water, dust particles and debris.

High Resistance to Vibration and Shock: featuring high vibration (1.5G) and shock (15G) resistance, the CV-117/P1001 ensures stable equipment operation and reliable manufacturing process. 



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