Innodisk delivers the future of automation with CANopen support

Enhanced automation is key to unlocking the fourth industrial revolution and a sure way to improve profitability for corporations around the world. With Innodisk’s introduction of CANopen support in its CAN bus embedded peripherals, Innodisk delivers a powerful solution that helps bring enhanced automation to global technology leaders—further strengthening Innodisk’s position as a key contributor to the future of automation.


Making Innodisk’s Embedded CAN Bus Modules Even More Versatile

With support for the CANopen higher-layer protocol, Innodisk’s embedded CAN bus modules are now more versatile, enabling even more sophisticated solutions in robotics, motion control, medical applications, and the automotive industry. The introduction of CANopen support underlines Innodisk’s ambition to have the strongest lineup of embedded peripherals, as well as emphasizes the company’s dedication to bringing innovative solutions to the forefront of AIoT and Industrial IoT (IIoT).

An open protocol for innovative solutions

CANopen is a communication protocol for embedded systems developed by CAN in Automation, a non-profit consortium of CAN-users and manufacturers. Like other CAN higher-layer protocols, such as SAE J1939 and DeviceNet, CANopen helps devices in embedded systems communicate with each other. It is the preferred CAN bus higher-layer protocol in automation, motion control systems, and other high-tech industries and powers some of the world’s most innovative industrial solutions.


Combining the Best Hardware with Industry-leading Software Support

Innodisk’s introduction of CANopen demonstrates the company’s unwavering dedication to best-in-class software support for its products. With increasingly sophisticated solutions and ever-smarter devices, seamless hardware-software integration has never been more important to Innodisk’s customers, and the introduction of CANopen is one of many ways the company is addressing this need.

With powerful SDKs, flexible APIs, and versatile embedded peripherals such as the CANopen-enabled EMUC-B202, Innodisk delivers capable and easy-to-use solutions ready for deployment across the most innovative industries in the world.

Feautured Product:




USB to dual isolated CANbus 2.0B/J1939/CANopen Mini PCI Exress Module


Industrial Computers with CAN Bus

As an Innodisk official distributor and thanks to an extended partner network, Contradata is able to offer a wide range of Industrial PCs, Embedded Systems and Panel PCs with CAN Bus interface and support for CANopen, CAN2.0B and J1939 protocols.

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